The Best Way to Pick Acorns

Among the number of different methods of picking acorns, vacuums are one of the most effective ways to pick it but these vacuum machines are not that cheap neither these are specifically designed to pick acorns, these are the most suitable when picking up pesky leaves which are scattered all over the garden, raking is the most convenient way to pick acorns, once raked,  it is then easier to separate these acorns and one can easily pick small, medium and even large sized acorns, many believe that acorns aren’t good for the lawn and these damage the grass and if left unpicked it can ruin the beauty of a garden, picking up these number of acorns physically and putting these into containers is a hectic job, the best option is to rake these acorns, acorns are used in so many different ways and these are really useful but picking these is a difficult task, raking these acorns is the best possible option.

Dragging a proper sized rake across the garden would trap the acorns and pull these into a pile then it is much easier to collect them, otherwise the scattered acorns would take so much more time and energy, this classic is not new and most gardeners know about it, but these do come in different shapes and sizes, when buying one you need to ensure that you are buying a proper acorn rake. Gardeners usually prefer the 16 or 18 inch rake which is heavy duty and will make it really quicker to pile up pesky leaves and acorns as well, these are still very effective and much cheaper alternative to vacuum machines.