The Science in Workouts

If you’re new to the gym routine, then you probably don’t know too much about what you ought to be doing with all that fancy equipment in order to build muscle and get ripped. So what most of us do is that we take a regular gym going buddy with us to the gym and have them tell us what to do. Now depending on how well your gym going friend knows about human anatomy, you might actually get on the right track right away or you’d end up doing some muscular damage.

Most non-professional gym instructors will tell you a list of things you should do to get results and you’ll probably do them without question since asking would make you feel noobish. First of all, there’s never any shame in asking something you don’t know, especially if it benefits you. Second, you should know that there are certain gym exercising that experts really advise against because of how damaging they can be to our joints, if not our muscles.

Every then and now, you hear about a nasty accident that someone had at the gym which left them with a crooked back for a month or more. These accidents only happen if you’re doing exercises that are potentially dangerous for you. Even the right exercises can lead to injury if you’re just doing them wrong. If you want to strengthen your body and improve your form, it’s best that you start understanding what actually goes on with your muscles when you lift weight.

At you’ll learn all about hypertrophy and how you can target specific muscles of your body through exercise. You’ll also understand what exercises can be damaging for your joints as well this way.